Allocating and commissioning the obligations not directly related to the core business activity of your own business to a specialist external company allows you to concentrate on the things which are important for success and rapid development.

Our Customers are offered outsourcing services with respect to accounting and finance. Our experts from BSO Outsourcing will ensure that your company’s costs are reduced, you are provided with higher quality of services and that risk is restricted.

Owing to the co-operation with legal and tax advisers our specialists have a unique overview of the business activity conducted by our Customers. This allows us to prevent the occurrence of some potential problems related to law and taxes, and to effectively protect your business activity.

We keep the accounting books in accordance with the Polish regulations in a way that enables reporting according to the requirements of capital groups, both Polish and foreign The competence of our bookkeeping teams ensures significant objectivity with respect to the selection of appropriate methods and the data processing security guarantees.

BSO Outsourcing offers, among others,the following:

  • keeping accounting books and accounting consultancy,
  • payroll accounting, including establishing and keeping employee documentation,
  • preparing applications and tax and Social Security Authority declarations,
  • preparing external and internal reports,
  • reporting the situation with regard to receivables.