Accounting supervision



Our bookkeeping supervision service is addressed to companies that have internal accounting departments. By providing substantive support to employees or by inspecting and analysing the correctness of the company’s accounts, we help to prevent the negative effects of errors in bookkeeping.

What services do we offer?
  • we verify the correctness of accounting entries in ledgers and tax returns;
  • we provide ongoing advice on accounting and tax matters;
  • we control the correctness of the circulation of accounting documents;
  • we assist in the optimisation of the accounting policy and the Company Chart of Accounts;
  • we participate in the preparation and audit of financial statements;
  • we verify the correctness of the preparation of other financial reports on the company’s activities;
  • we supervise the correctness of prepared tax returns (VAT, CIT, PIT);
  • we verify or prepare statistical reports (CSO, NBP, Customs Chamber).

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