Financial Accounting



In the area of financial accounting we offer keeping the accounting ledgers in accordance with the Polish regulations, as well as in a manner which enables reporting accordingly to the requirements of capital groups, both Polish and foreign. The competence of our bookkeeping teams ensures significant objectivism with respect to the selection of appropriate methods, as well as data processing security guarantees, and co-operation with legal and tax advisers allows us to prevent the occurrence of potential problems in these fields.

As a part of our financial accounting services we offer the following services:

  • keeping comprehensive accounting ledgers,
  • maintaining a revenue and expense ledger, as well as other income ledgers,
  • calculation of personal and corporate income tax, as well as other settlements with the tax offices,
  • keeping a VAT register and preparation of VAT declarations,
  •  keeping any records required by law, including records of fixed assets, machinery and equipment, salaries/wages, etc.,
  • preparing periodic and annual financial statements, as well as other statements requested by a Client,
  • preparing statistical reports and other statements,
  • keeping records of companies performing its business activity in the special economic zones.