As part of our cooperation with universities, we carry out projects aimed at supplementing the theoretical knowledge acquired during studies with the practical aspect of its application (apprenticeship, traineeship). A group of long-term practitioners employed in the field of law and accounting are ready to share their knowledge and experience with young trainees.

We cooperate with:

  • Wrocław University
  • European Law Association ELSA

University internships

Interships are a unique opportunity for direct contact with business. It is about learning by doing real tasks and drawing on the knowledge and experience of our staff. In cooperation with Career Offices or Business Co-operation Centres, we carry out compulsory and optional professional internships for students or graduates. With the support of highly qualified lawyers our trainees learn to put into practice the theoretical knowledge gained during their studies. This skill is an essential addition to education, undoubtedly valuable in today’s job market.

Education through experience

An educational programme aimed at creating programmes of education for students in the areas of law and accounting based on the expectations and need for practical application of theoretical knowledge. Our lawyers are ready to give expert speeches to law majors presenting real cases and pointing out solutions to problems. Using the Education through Experience programme, the student receives a package that combines theoretical knowledge with practical, real-world application.

Universities and institutions interested in collaborating with the Education through Experience programme, please contact us.