We provide comprehensive advice on public procurement law. We support both Contracting Authorities and Contractors by providing advice at every stage of the public procurement procedure.

What services do we offer?

We offer support to Contractors seeking to award public contracts in the following areas, among others::

  • providing an opinion on the content of the Terms of Reference (ToR) and the model contract, in particular with regard to the conditions of participation in the procedure, as well as substantive consultations during tender preparation;
  • preparing enquiries to the Contracting Authority with a view to obtaining clarifications to the ToR;
    correspondence with the Contracting Authority at each stage of the procedure;
  • legal representation of the Economic Operator in the tender procedure, in protest, appeal and complaint proceedings;
  • representation of the Economic Operator in disputes with the Contracting Authority at the stage of implementation of the public contract.

We offer support to Contracting Authorities in the process of awarding public procurement contracts in terms of, among other things::

  • selection of an appropriate procedure for the award of a public contract
  • preparation of the Terms of Reference, the public procurement notice and the model contract with annexes;
  • preparation and execution of the public procurement procedure
  • correspondence with Economic Operators, legal supervision and drafting justifications for the Contracting Authority’s decisions;
  • representing the Contracting Authority before the National Appeal Chamber (NAC) and common courts;
  • advising on other activities of the Contracting Authority aimed at selecting the most advantageous tender.

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We support both the ordering parties which organise tenders and the tenderers who participate in public procurements. We assist the ordering parties in preparing terms of reference, remaining documents and rendering procedures, as well as we assist in conducting the tender proceedings. We help tenderers in preparing tender offers and we support them at all the stages of the proceedings. We represent tenderers in protest and court proceedings.