We draft, negotiate and review the contracts and agreements necessary to conduct business. Taking into account the individual needs of the parties to the agreement and the legal and tax conditions of the transaction, we create a framework for the proper implementation of the rights and obligations of the parties to the agreement.

What services do we offer?

  • we advise on the drafting and negotiation of the content of contracts necessary at the start-up stage of a business:
    • articles of association of commercial law companies, consortium agreements,
    • cooperation agreements (preliminary agreements, specific agreements, framework agreements and implementation agreements),
    • agreements formalising the organisation of entrepreneurs as part of business incubator activities, links within clusters or cooperation between business and science (R&D related organisations);
  • we prepare, provide opinions on and negotiate draft contracts and agreements concluded in the course of business activities, e.g:
    • commercial contracts
    • related to the provision of services, e.g. mandate contracts, financial services contracts, construction investment contracts, contracts of carriage, freight forwarding, storage contracts,
      related to the use of goods and rights, e.g. lease contracts, rental contracts, rental agreements, lending contracts,
    • in ongoing investment processes, e.g. construction contracts, general contracting, subcontracting,
    • for the protection of a company’s intellectual and industrial property, e.g. licence, distribution, sponsorship agreements, as well as agreements concerning the creation, implementation, testing and exploitation of computer programmes, design and operation of websites,
    • regulating labour relations, including employment contracts, civil law contracts – managerial contracts, mandate contracts, contracts to perform a specific task, non-competition agreements, contracts for the use of a company car, entrustment of property, confidentiality agreements, professional secrecy agreements,
    • for the purpose of implementation of projects co-financed from the EU funds, e.g. partnership agreements for the purpose of obtaining EU funds or contracts and agreements concluded at further stages of project implementation, etc;
  • we analyse the content of contracts, regulations and agreements from the point of view of their compliance with applicable laws, including with respect to prohibited clauses;
  • if problems arise with the implementation of contractual provisions:
    • we assist in the termination and withdrawal from contracts and renegotiate their content,
    • representation of contractual parties in the course of court and out-of-court proceedings,
    • we assist in the enforcement of any claims resulting from non-performance of contractual provisions.

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We prepare all kinds of agreements and assist in a negotiations. We come to your aid when drafting cooperation, licensing, leasing, distribution, sales and rental agreements.