We support students and graduates in taking their first steps on the career path. Almost 1,000 people have already benefited from our internship and placement programmes. These include students from Polish universities, law, accounting, marketing and public relations faculties, as well as German law students (School of Polish Law, Humboldt University Berlin).

We offer:

  • participation in non-compulsory internships based on our own educational programmes;
  • implementation of compulsory student internships in the mode and on the basis of university internship programmes;


The programme of traineeships carried out in the areas of law, accounting and marketing is based on the idea of combining a university course with the expectations and needs of applying knowledge in professional practice. Non-compulsory internships are carried out on the basis of proprietary programmes, adapted to the needs of those graduating from university and facing the first decisions with a real impact on their careers.


The content, duration and organisation of compulsory internships are governed by internal regulations of the educational institutions. Compulsory traineeships are open to those who have been referred by the Careers Office or the university traineeship coordinator.