Our lawyers support management and owners of companies and their HR departments in the selection of appropriate forms of employment, the formulation of employment contracts, as well as other underlying contracts. We solve your individual employment-related legal problems and represent you in control, conciliation and court proceedings.


In particular:

  • we draft the necessary contracts:
    • employment contracts and civil law contracts (management contracts, contracts to perform a specific task, mandate contracts, etc.) for employees at all levels,
    • civil law agreements accompanying the employment relationship, e.g. non-competition agreements, agreements on the use of a company car, entrustment of property, confidentiality agreements, professional secrecy agreements, etc;
  • we prepare and issue opinions on internal regulations specifying:
    • employees’ rights and obligations (work regulations),
    • principles of remuneration and bonuses for employees (remuneration regulations),
    • collective agreements and other acts of collective labour law,
    • conditions for the use of the Company Social Benefits Fund;
  • we draw up legal and tax opinions on planned and undertaken structural changes of a company, both in the course of its development and restructuring activities (TAKEOVER of employees, group lay-offs, liquidation of overtime, reduction of social benefits, etc.);
  • we identify optimal forms of employment of foreigners, including managers, together with preparation of the necessary documentation and support in the process of obtaining a work permit;
    we develop optimal forms of temporary posting of employees within the country and abroad;
  • we train staff and develop rules, measures and procedures related to the obligation to counteract mobbing in the workplace (anti-mobbing policy), we conduct internal proceedings related to mobbing and periodical diagnostic audits in the company;
  • we verify the company’s employee documentation for its compliance with the applicable labour legislation (employee due diligence);
  • we represent entrepreneurs in cooperation with staff representatives (works councils) and trade unions, including in negotiations on the creation of collective agreements and in the resolution of disputes;
  • we represent employers in litigation.


  • HR and payroll due diligence


How can you avoid the consequences of failing to bring your HR operations into line with current employment legislation? Get in touch with us. Together we will prepare the optimal service package for your company.