The development of a company requires the involvement of capital that will allow long-term investments to be made and, at the same time, ensure the financial stability of the company’s overall operations. That is why we provide legal services to entrepreneurs in situations where it is necessary to obtain financing for the implementation of innovative ventures, to ensure ongoing operations as well as the subsequent transformation of the debt model.


  • we analyse the possibilities of obtaining financing for the planned activities from the entrepreneur’s own sources or from funds outside the company (also from European funds);
  • we prepare legal and tax models for financing investments and development projects in various sectors of the economy and types of market transactions, including sales, acquisitions and takeovers of companies, real estate investment projects, infrastructure projects, etc;
  • we prepare opinions on banking, foreign exchange and financial law for ongoing projects;
  • we negotiate and prepare loan documentation and agreements on credit and investment financing;
  • we verify the content of loan agreements for prohibited contractual clauses (abusive clauses);
  • we establish personal and material forms of credit collateral, including mortgages, registered pledges, bills of exchange, sureties; we prepare agreements of transfer of ownership, assignment, etc;
  • we advise on the choice of the optimal source of project financing (bank loan, issue of corporate bonds and other debt securities, leasing, factoring, etc.); and
  • we advise on the financing of takeovers and mergers of companies;
  • we advise capital groups on the legal and tax aspects of using the cash pooling method in group financial management;
  • we represent investors in negotiations and discussions with representatives of banks and financing institutions with regard to obtaining financing or renegotiating the repayment terms of loans taken out.

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