In situations of temporary difficulties or a serious threat to the economic existence of an entrepreneur, the application of appropriate legal solutions helps to avoid the most serious risks and to return to stability. We assist both in the difficulties of recovering debts and in restructuring or conducting insolvency proceedings in the event of insolvency.

What services do we offer?

  • we carry out legal, tax and financial due diligence to identify areas of business in need of remediation;
  • we conduct ongoing legal assessments of the risks faced by members of company bodies due to their responsibility for the property and financial situation of the companies they run;
  • we provide on-going legal and tax advice on the development of restructuring and recovery programmes in all areas of activity;
  • we identify legal and tax options of company reorganisation with a view to reducing financial burdens;
  • we conduct negotiations with creditors in order to determine optimal conditions for repayment of debts or to change the repayment system;
  • we file restructuring motions and represent both creditors and debtors during the restructuring proceedings;
  • we advise on and conduct restructuring proceedings:
    • proceedings for approval of an arrangement,
    • accelerated arrangement proceedings,
    • arrangement proceedings,
    • sanitation proceedings;
  • we prepare and file bankruptcy petitions, as well as letters, motions and complaints throughout the proceedings;
  • we represent creditors and debtors at the stage of submission of the list of claims to the bankruptcy estate, management and liquidation of the bankruptcy estate;
  • we represent creditors and debtors in contacts with the bankruptcy trustee, court supervisor or administrator.


  • accounting analysis and budgeting
  • directors’ liability for the company’s financial obligations
  • mergers and takeovers