Tax optimisation

Tax optimization is the process of choosing a proper model of operation, allowing the payment of the lowest taxes possible, without violating the law. When preparing tax and accounting optimizations, we take into consideration all of the restrictions specified in the law, not only improving the financial condition of the company, but also assuring tax safety.

Within the scope of tax and accounting optimization, we offer:

  • the preparation of a comprehensive strategy of tax management,
  • tax optimization within the scope of settlement of tax losses,
  • restructuring of entities within capital groups,
  • optimization of non-resident tax-accounting settlements.

The catalogue of our projects is continually adjusted to changes in market conditions and legal circumstances, and based on the individual needs and expectations of our Clients.

We offer advice on tax optimisation of individual business areas. We achieve stability and tax security by adjusting the set of legally permissible instruments to the individual needs and expectations of entrepreneurs, as well as changing market and legal circumstances.

What services do we offer?

  • we prepare and implement detailed tax concepts tailored to the individual needs of entrepreneurs, including:
    • assistance in selecting the most favourable form of conducting business activity from the tax point of view,
    • VAT, PIT and CIT tax planning for entrepreneurs from various industries and countries of origin,
    • analysis and appropriate drafting of internal company documents and contracts with contractors,
    • implementation of structural changes within the company (also within a capital group) including comprehensive execution of the procedure of formation, transformation and liquidation of companies and partnerships;
    • we optimise tax settlements of non-residents;
  • we develop comprehensive strategies for tax management in Poland for foreign investors (cross-border planning, settlements with Polish partners, branches);
  • we assist in documenting and optimising the settlement of transactions between related parties;
  • we advise on optimising the amount of tax liabilities;
  • we advise and represent in tax, and administrative court proceedings.

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