Tax audits



As part of tax audits we verify the correctness of the settlements of taxes and we indicate areas of risks and feasible optimisation activities.


Pursuant to the analysis of source documents with regard to the settlement of PIT, CIT, VAT taxes we conduct the assessment of the correctness of the applied fiscal policy, while indicating threats and areas of risk.

We prepare a comprehensive report specifying in particular:

  1. the identified irregularities in tax settlements, including transactions with affiliated companies;
  2. areas of tax risks, along with the proposals of changes aiming at eliminating threats;
  3. detailed guidelines with respect to carrying out the fiscal policy within the company, while taking into consideration a possibility of tax optimisation;
  4. proposals with respect to conducting the necessary legal and tax-related activities or elaborating the internal documentation required in order to follow the correct tax strategy.

In case of the necessity to adjust declarations and tax returns, or providing explanations to the relevant authorities, we represent the entrepreneur by undertaking to perform all the legally required activities.

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