TRAININGS FOR BUSINESS (closed seminars)

Closed (in-company) training is the ideal solution for companies and institutions that:

  • wish to gain in-depth knowledge of the legal, tax or accounting aspects of their operations,
  • need individual support closely related to the scope of their company’s activities,
  • want to have a direct impact on the quality and curriculum of their staff training,
  • care about the company’s security by raising the legal awareness of management and lower-level employees.

A qualified workforce is the key to a company’s success. A properly prepared set of training topics allows for the systematic development of employees in line with the company’s strategic plans. BSO Training offers you the implementation of internal training plans through:

  • training combining theoretical knowledge and practical solutions resulting from the experience of BSO Training speakers,
  • direct access to legal, tax and accounting practitioners,
  • subject matter tailored to the needs and benefits to be achieved at each organisational level of the company,
  • adaptation of the subject matter and the manner of implementation of closed trainings to individual needs reported by companies and institutions

We train representatives of company boards, executives and employees of small, medium and large enterprises.

How we work?

The aim of in-company training is to present comprehensive information on a topic chosen by the company, together with solutions to problems that arise. It therefore becomes particularly important to define the scope of the training, including determining the benefits it is intended to bring to your company.

Analysis of needs and expectations

This is a fundamental stage of preparation, the correct conduct of which will allow you to maintain the individual character of the training. We learn about the scope of the company’s activities, its mission and its stated objectives. We identify barriers to growth and associated needs for change. We work closely with management to gain an in-depth understanding of their expectations regarding the end result of the training.

Training plan

Based on the information gained in the previous stage, we select the most appropriate training methods and materials and construct the training programme. At this stage, we also determine the amount of time required to deliver the training, the forms of delivery and the venue and associated costs.

Training delivery and evaluation

The experience gained over several years of training allows individual experts to conduct independent training sessions while maintaining the workshop character of the meetings. The use of interactive forms of classes, with the application of modern presentation techniques, makes it easier to familiarise participants with the practical and effective use of the tools learnt. A prior analysis of the problems and a detailed work schedule adapt the pace of the training to the needs of the participants, in order to be able to answer any burning questions. Each training session is concluded with a study of its effectiveness and an evaluation report.