BSO Training is a project carried out in cooperation with legal experts BSO Law & Taxes and accountants BSO Outsourcing. We conduct educational activities in the field of law, taxes and financial and payroll accounting. Their aim is to equip managers and employees of strategic company departments (HR, Development, Customer Service, Accounting, Marketing and Sales Departments) with the necessary legal knowledge and information about changing regulations.


We invite you to open training courses or those based on individual training programmes, lectures, presentations or in-house workshops. We provide full organisation, optimal training conditions and direct contact with practitioners.

  • the experience of our speakers enables you to gain theoretical knowledge combined with practical application,
  • the training competences of the speakers – ability to work with a group, knowledge of training techniques – increase the participants’ learning effectiveness,
  • the way in which the event is delivered is adapted to the content of legal, accounting or tax training,
  • depending on the needs and training groups, we develop topics for training cycles or continuing education.

Within the framework of individual or group training meetings, we offer support on “hard” topics, e.g. business transformation and its tax aspects, directors’ liability, bullying in the workplace, the creation of business contracts, recruitment processes, employee contracts, etc.

In cooperation with psychologists, we create programmes combining personal skills (‘soft’ training) and rigorous theoretical knowledge, e.g: Employee dismissals? How to dismiss an employee correctly? How to increase control over emotions and stress in difficult situations?

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