We offer ongoing and comprehensive tax advisory services within the full scope connected with running a company (PIT, CIT, VAT, tax on civil law transactions, excise duty, local taxes, cross-border settlements). The tax advisory team comprised of attorneys, legal advisers and accountants supports the ongoing activities of entrepreneurs and offers assistance in developing, implementing and modifying tax strategies.


  • we provide comprehensive and ongoing advice on direct (e.g. PIT, CIT) and indirect (VAT, excise duty) taxes, with particular emphasis on:
    • advice on the tax classification of expenses incurred and revenues received,
    • carrying out periodical analyses of tax structure and liabilities together with recommendations for changes to be introduced (tax due diligence),
    • preparation of legal and tax opinions on actions taken in the course of business operation,
    • interpretation of current tax doubts,
    • information on the most important current changes in the law and in the case law of courts and tax authorities;
    • we develop tax structures and concepts for domestic and foreign investments, taking into account agreements on avoidance of double taxation;
  • we analyse the tax consequences of the forms of employment used and identify opportunities to reduce labour costs;
  • we advise on the taxation of various forms of employment and income earned by management;
  • we prepare applications for the issuance of individual interpretations of tax law and represent entrepreneurs within the scope of court control of the issued interpretations;
  • we represent entrepreneurs before public administration and local government bodies and before administrative courts in tax proceedings and tax and fiscal inspections.

topics related to tax consultancy

  • accounting and payroll services
  • tax optimisation
  • legal consultancy
  • legal services


  • in a comprehensive manner and on an ongoing basis we advise customers with respect to direct taxes (i.e. PIT, CIT) and indirect taxes (VAT, excise duty), while paying particular attention to:
  • consultancy with regard to the fiscal classification of the incurred expenses and the generated income;
  • conducting periodic analyses of the structure of taxes and liabilities, along with recommendations of changes to be implemented (fiscal due diligence);
    • preparing legal and fiscal opinions in scope of the activities undertaken in the course of company operation;
    • interpreting the current fiscal doubts;
    • informing about the most important current changes to the law and the judicature of courts and fiscal authorities;
  • we elaborate fiscal structures and concepts for domestic and international investments, while taking into consideration double taxation avoidance agreements;
  • we analyse the fiscal consequences of the applied forms of employment and we indicate possibilities to reduce the costs of labour;
  • we advise with respect to taxation of various forms of employment, as well as the income generated by the management personnel;
  • we prepare applications for rendering individual interpretations of the tax law and we represent entrepreneurs in case of court supervision over the issued interpretations;
  • we represent entrepreneurs before public administration authorities and self-government authorities, as well as before administrative courts in case of tax-related proceedings, as well as tax inspections and fiscal controls.