Restructuring | Mergers | Takeovers

We advise on the choice of legal form of business and its change/adaptation to the needs of a growing company. Our lawyers provide advice in the processes of transforming, merging or acquiring part or all of a company. We accompany at the stage of planning and preparation of M&A transactions, negotiation of terms and conditions and implementation of the various stages of the process of changing the organisation.


  • we provide legal and tax advice in planning the transformation process in order to select the optimum legal form for conducting further business activities;
  • we provide legal and tax services for the process of transformation of sole proprietorships, as well as civil and capital partnerships in a simplified and full mode, e.g. with regard to:
  • drawing up a transformation plan together with the necessary documents, including a balance sheet, financial statements, draft articles of association,
  • conducting registration proceedings,
  • preparation and execution of the internal procedure related to the transformation in all entities involved,
  • representation before the registry court;
  • we assess the legal and tax feasibility of a merger or acquisition transaction and its impact on the company’s operations, e.g. by preparing and conducting a financial, legal, and tax due diligence audit to determine the legal situation and value of the company or its part
  • we prepare the contents of the documentation necessary for the transformation process (letters of intent, agreements for the sale and purchase of shares or part of the assets, agreements between shareholders, investment agreements, etc.);
  • we take part in negotiations with the parties to the transformation process as well as trade unions and other employee structures involved in the process;
  • we represent before administrative, registration courts.


  • Contract law
  • Commercial and corporate law
  • Tax optimisation