We offer legal protection of intangible assets owned by technology companies, the IT sector, TMT (Telecommunications, Media, New Technologies), as well as industrial manufacturers, among others, in the concept of 4.0. (Industry 4.0). For entities in the e-commerce sector (online shops), we offer support in the areas of competition law, consumer protection law, industrial property protection law, copyright and related rights.

What services do we offer?

    • When commercialising the results of research and development (R&D) work:
      • we undertake legal protection of R&D results: inventions, works, utility and industrial designs and patents,
      • we provide legal advice on the purchase or transfer of rights to the results of research and development works, also within a capital group;
      • we advise on the creation of spin-off and start-up companies, establishment of capital companies
    • as part of the protection of intangible assets of a company:
      • we carry out periodic or one-off audits of the intangible assets held together with recommendations for protection solutions,
      • we represent entrepreneurs in proceedings for the protection of copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial designs in Poland and abroad,
      • we assert the protection of rights from registered designs, brands and trademarks as well as claims in the case of unauthorised copying of works or goods in civil and criminal proceedings,
      • we draft agreements for the transfer of trademark protection rights or licence agreements for the use of trademarks;
    • creating the legal framework for the protection of intellectual and industrial property:
      • we draft the content of licence, distribution, sponsorship agreements, as well as agreements concerning the creation, implementation, testing and exploitation of computer programs, the design and operation of websites, the provision of advertising services, the use of image, etc., with, among others, website contractors, IT system managers, advertising agencies, online shops, software manufacturers,
      • advising, negotiating terms and conditions or representing businesses in the purchase, sale or lending of rights to websites;
    • within the scope of personal data protection:
      • we provide comprehensive advice on personal data protection together with the preparation of internal documentation, such as personal data security policy or register of processing activities,
      • we offer the service of outsourcing a Data Protection Inspector,
      • we represent companies during proceedings before the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection, Voivodship Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

For e-commerce companies

  • we advise on the registration of internet domains and represent entrepreneurs in domain name protection litigation;
  • we draft regulations of websites and privacy policies;
  • we assess the legality of mailing campaigns;
  • we protect the good name of the entrepreneur on the Internet (defamation, slander, etc.).

related topics

  • accounting for innovative companies
  • accounting and tax treatment of research and development activities
  • labour law
  • public procurement
  • legal representation


We help to protect and we pursue the protection of rights to registered patterns, brands and trade­marks, as well as claims for unauthorised copying of your work or goods. We draw up license, distri­bution and sponsorship agreements. We represent you in proceedings concerning the protection of author’s rights, trademarks, patents and industrial patterns in Poland and abroad.