We provide ongoing legal and tax services for the investment and construction process carried out in Poland (including the economic zones) by Polish and foreign investors and advise on real estate transactions.


  • we support the investment process in the scope of:
  • legal and tax analyses (due diligence) of real estate and entities participating in the process,
  • assessment of the possibility of realisation of investments in accordance with the building law and regulations on spatial development,
  • obtaining administrative decisions, environmental investment conditions,
  • notification of construction works and obtaining a construction permit,
  • drafting and negotiating the content of agreements necessary in the investment process regarding, among others: execution of design works and author’s supervision, execution of construction works, agreement on cooperation with general contractors and subcontractors, agreement on investment substitution, etc;
  • legal and tax analysis of selected investment financing models and identification of an optimal solution;
  • legal assistance in obtaining a bank loan or another form of financing the investment and construction process;
  • establishment and liquidation of material collaterals for loans.
  • we prepare and negotiate the content of agreements for the purchase, sale or lending of real estate;
  • we carry out direct transactions or act as an intermediary in the purchase, sale, lease or rental of facilities and commercial buildings;
  • we assess the legal status of real estate;
  • we provide day-to-day legal, tax and accounting services for entrepreneurs operating in the construction and real estate markets and carry out financial restructuring and structural transformation processes;
  • we represent construction industry entrepreneurs in the process of public procurement;
  • we conduct litigation, administrative proceedings relating to real estate development and development.

related topics

  • training: legal aspects of the investment process
  • project financing | securing loans
  • tax consultancy
  • commercial law | company law


We conduct analyses of the legal status of a given real estate, we negotiate and draft purchase and sale agreements, we obtain the required permissions. We advise you during the entire investment project and when contributing a real estate to companies and investment funds. We prepare the concept of financing and securing the investment.