When conducting business in the tourism industry, in particular as a travel agent or other tour operator (agent, tour operator), the entrepreneur is obliged to comply with specific legal regulations, such as the Act on Tourist Events and Associated Tourist Services. In addition to these regulations, every day he or she must comply with a number of legal, tax and accounting requirements (e.g. travel agents’ vat margin procedure) related to the conduct of business. For this reason, we offer entrepreneurs in the tourism industry a set of services to ensure that they operate correctly in the market.

what services do we offer/

Legal advice for travel agents

  • we advise on the establishment of tourist entrepreneurs, in particular tour operators and travel agents;
  • we assist with the establishment of activities and registration in the Central Register of Tour Operators and Entrepreneurs Facilitating the Purchase of Related Travel Services;
  • we carry out audit and internal control of tourist entrepreneurs’ compliance with statutory requirements;
  • we prepare and inspect contracts concluded by tour operators with travellers for compliance with applicable legal provisions;
  • we prepare the content of contracts of tourist entrepreneurs with subcontractors of services (agent, hotel, carrier, insurer, etc.)
  • we prepare general conditions for provision of tourist services
  • we develop documentation and procedures for the protection of personal data (RODO) necessary in all areas of the tour operator’s or travel agent’s activities, including their implementation;
  • we develop complaint procedures and assess the legality of procedures already in place;
  • we represent tour operators in disputes with travellers – during mediation and in court;
  • we prepare all documentation in Polish, English and German.

Financial and payroll accounting for the tourism industry

  • We keep full books of account, register of accounts and other records for travel agencies and entities operating in the tourism industry;
  • we record costs for the current tax settlements of the business;
  • we keep records and make VAT settlements required for the application of the special procedure for taxation of tourist services (VAT margin procedure);
  • we settle international transactions;
  • we settle CIT and PIT and carry out other settlements with the Tax Office;
  • we prepare annual and periodical financial statements;
  • we offer a full set of HR and payroll services, including representation of the taxpayer before the US authorities and during ZUS inspections.
  • Training for the tourism industry
  • we train managers and employees of strategic departments of companies in the field of law, taxes and financial and payroll accounting;
  • we conduct ongoing training of employees and managers of tourism organisers on the requirements introduced by the new Act (Act on Tourist Events and Related Tourism Services);
  • we create individual training programmes, e.g. on the topics of responsibility of board members, mobbing in the workplace, creation of business contracts, etc.

On the basis of the Act’s definition of a tour operator, “tour operator shall be understood as a tour operator, entrepreneur facilitating the purchase of related tourist services, tour agent or tourist service provider, being an entrepreneur within the meaning of Article 431 of the Act of 23 April 1964. – Civil Code or carrying out paid activity”.