The German Desk is a multidisciplinary team of experts in the fields of law, taxation and accounting. Specialists, who speak fluent German, advise foreign investors in the implementation of investment projects – from the development of the concept for entering the Polish market, through handling the day-to-day operations of the subsidiary, branch, representative office or branch, to legal and tax optimisation, mergers or transformations serving the further development of the company. Full documentation of the process (legal, tax and accounting) is carried out in German and Polish.

Our legal and tax advisors have introduced more than 100 German-speaking companies to the Polish market!

We work directly with entrepreneurs from German-speaking countries, primarily Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as Luxembourg, as well as with their subsidiaries in Poland. For many years, our advisors have been on the list of trusted law firms of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Poland. BSO Law & Taxes is a member of the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Our lawyers are members of the Pool of Experts OSEC (Business Network Switzerland).

What services do we offer?

  • we prepare legal and tax analyses of the planned activity in Poland (also taking into account special regulations – economic zones, technology parks);
  • we advise on the choice of legal form of business in a given country (subsidiary, branch, subsidiary, takeover of a Polish or German company, etc.);
  • we support day-to-day operations in all areas of law, including representing the investor in obtaining decisions, concessions, permits necessary for the operation of the company;
  • we indicate optimal forms of employment of foreigners, including managers, together with preparation of the necessary documentation and support in the process of obtaining a work permit;
  • we conduct negotiations with foreign partners in the scope of signed agreements and prepare international contracts.

Activities in German-speaking countries

German Desk also offers Polish entrepreneurs assistance with investment projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In cooperation with renowned foreign law firms, banks, and business environment institutions, we develop legal and tax strategies for the activities of Polish entrepreneurs and offer full legal services to Polish investors in foreign markets.

Our services are addressed to entrepreneurs who expect:

  • security of investment implementation in accordance with the legal system in force in a given country;
  • a reduction in the risk of misunderstandings between a Polish and a German-speaking partner,
    comfort in day-to-day communication with a German-speaking lawyer, tax advisor and accountant;
  • provision of bilingual legal, tax and accounting documentation (reports, statements, contracts) and reporting in German.


  • outsourcing financial and payroll accounting in Poland
  • financial reporting in a Polish limited liability company
  • tax settlements and accounting for non-residents