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Krzysztof Bramorski

Radca prawny (Att. at Law PL), Managing Partner

Krzysztof Bramorski

born 1971, graduate of Wrocław University, law studies at Rheinische Fredrich-Wilhelms Universität in Bonn. Since 2001 a legal adviser and member of Wrocław Chamber of Legal Advisers. Specialist and author of many publications and lecturer in economic law, tax law and labour law. He is a member of the supervisory boards of the capital companies. For six years, he had been the boss of Rödl & Partner legal office and the partner in the international structure Rödl & Partner. 2003 – 2006 a managing partner of Rödl, Bramorski Legal Office, limited partnership in Wrocław. Member of the Council of Lower Silesian Chamber of Commerce.

  • Counsellor in planning and execution of investment projects,
  • Counsellor in purchase and development of real estate,
  • Counsellor in the field of domestic and international taxation on transactions and persons,
  • Specialist in the field of MZA projects and privatisation and restructuring processes,
  • Counsellor in Polish Procurement Platform undertakings,
  • Mediator in group disputes, negotiations with trade unions concerning company and more general collective agreements.

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German, English, Italian

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Commercial law and Corporate law Restructuring | Mergers | Takeovers Labour Law Taxes Investments | Immobility Public procurement law Public-Private Partnership